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Other dedicated offers:

• Biotechnologies

• Pharmaceutical Chemistry

• Medical Device

• Cosmetic and flavorings

• Greentech

The production of a healthy food and the insurance of a food industry respectful of the consumers’ health are values shared by ICOSA.

ICOSA supports its clients willing to develop innovative and relevant solutions, in particular new food solutions or industrial products and foodstuffs covering nutrition and health claims.


  • Nutritional supplements
  • Nutraceutics
  • Agriculture
  • Agronomics
  • Food products

We offer to our clients specialized in food processing and agriculture the following services:

  • Setting-up effective IP Strategies
  • Drafting and Filing of Patent applications
  • Filing of Design Patents,
  • Prosecuting patent applications with the Patent Offices (examination, opposition)
  • Negotiating IP Rights agreements
  • Releasing Legal Opinions on competitive patents,
  • Conducting and responding to Due Diligence processes
  • Defending or opposing IP Rights
  • Managing Patent Portfolio




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